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Information is a valuable asset on which depends the smooth running of an organization. Maintaining its integrity, confidentiality and availability is essential to achieve business objectives.

The development of new technologies, has taken a sharp turn to the way we do business, and in turn has increased the risks for companies that are exposed to new threats, being relatively easy to access to unauthorized persons, obtaining protected information, causing serious damage to businesses. Information systems are exposed both inside and from outside an organization.

To protect an organization from these threats is necessary to know and respond appropriately, with procedures and security controls based in assessing risks. The provision of managed security services is an optimal solution for companies that in their business environment are aware of the importance of protection of the information and to decrease the risk of unauthorized access.

Benefits of Managed Security Services

• Reduces the risk of attacks, intrusions and hacking activities that could have a major impact on business, minimizing the exposure to losses and claims.
• Minimizes initial investment in equipment, software and licenses, as well as maintaining in-house resources (internal) for the operation.
• The security of your information becomes a management activity. Security becomes a methodical and controlled life cycle, involving the whole organization.
• Allows focusing in the core business of the company, entrusting the complexity of the information to security experts.

Description of the Security Service Management

• Service performed by a group of engineers specialized in information security.
• Service is 7 x 24 x 365 (7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) without exception.
• Simulations are carried out on real cases in controlled environments (ethical hacking)
• Implementation and modification of security policies
• Firewall implementation and administration
• Implementation and administration of IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems)
• Technology update
• Response to Attacks and threats
• Resolution of security incidents

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